The CuramLife Concierge Service

CuramLife provides access to affordable healthcare and wellness to your employees, but it does much more than that! Employers who partner with CuramLife can help their workers save time and money with a wide variety of health tools, discount programs, and, most uniquely, the exclusive CuramLife Concierge Service.

The CuramLife Concierge service helps your team navigate the complexities of the healthcare system. Our concierge team can help your employees get the most from their CuramLife package. With virtual on-demand care, a virtual nutrition program, the CuramLife Care Coordination and ALYKA Health Assistant apps, and our low/no cost prescription programs, there are a lot of features to keep track of! That’s where our concierge team steps in.

The CuramLife Concierge team can guide employees through each of CuramLife’s employee offerings, ensuring employers and employees are getting the most bang for their buck! Whether your workers want to learn more about what their package entails, how to access the virtual features they’re interested in, or have questions about upcoming high-expense medical costs, the Concerige service is ready to help.

The healthcare world can be difficult to navigate and is too often full of surprises. Why not let the CuramLife Concierge service help? The Concierge can help your employees obtain Good Faith Estimates from hospitals for future medical events, educate employees on the No Surprises Act, identify financial assistance available through hospitals, guide them through necessary applications for hospital-based financial assistance, and direct them to the most cost-effective CuramLife tools.

For more information on CuramLife, contact the CuramLife team at 800-651-1237 or email